Dr. Hal Kacanek

Welcome to my NAF flute store.

"Hi! I’m Dr. Hal, the Didjeri-Dude. I do special assemblies, keynotes, artist in residence and inservice workshops featuring performances on world and homemade musical instruments. My programs and products focus on diversity, creativity, personal expression and the art, science, geography, math and language of sound. My programs are successful because they are developed out of contexts that are familiar to my target audience."

Dr. Hal Kacanek is a presenter from the Milwaukee area. He lives in Waukesha, WI, with his wife, Jean, and his hard rocking son, Keith.

Hal has a wide variety of musical instruments, both world and home made. He has a PhD in music education from the University of Kansas. He has also atended Eastman School of Music, part of the University of Rochester, and the University of Michigan. He chaired the Music Department of Carroll College from 1979-1993. During that period, he took many student groups in Carroll's New Cultural Experience Program to the islands of Bali and Java in Indonesia, and the Hawiin islands.

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